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The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation launched the ‘Go On’ Campaign, sounding the alarm that Idaho is falling behind in educational attainment—which directly impacts lifetime earnings, our ability retain leaders and innovators in this great state, and to compete in a global marketplace. Here in the Media Center you’ll find the most up-to-date information available on the initiative. Media inquiries, please contact us.

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Middleton High School awarded the Go On Prom in 2012-2013                                        

The Go On Prom is a surprise reward for an Idaho High School that created an outstanding Go On Culture, in which going on to training and education after high school is the expectation for every student. The 2012-2013 Go On Prom was awarded to the Middleton High School Vikings of Middleton, Idaho, who created a strong Go On Culture through staff leadership, teamwork and planning. A few notable school achievements:

Please join the Go On Campaign in congratulating Middleton High School for earning this year’s Go On Prom.

Go On Campaign aims for 100,000 pledges from Idaho teens
The Go On Idaho Campaign kicked off an ambitious drive for every teen in Idaho to make a personal commitment to continue their education and training after high school.

The Go On Pledge is a mobile and web-based experience that allows young people to Take the Pledge and create an online profile where they can earn badges and achievements tied to preparation for tech training and/or college-going activities while still in junior high and high school.

“Online game mechanics have been proven to motivate young people to perform at higher levels,” says Jamie Macmillan, executive director of the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation. “The badges students earn with the Go On Pledge help them see that the process of getting ready for college can really be broken down into doable steps—the gaming element helps demystify and add a dose of fun to the process.”

Examples of Go On badges to be earned include the “Counselor” badge, “Tough Math,” “SAT/ACT” and “Community Service.” By senior year, students will have been guided through the steps to help set them up for success after high school. Participants in the Go On Pledge are eligible to receive customized support in the form of alerts and reminders on key dates regarding financial aid deadlines, college entrance exams and more.

To Take the Go On Pledge, students ages 13-18 should visit

1 - Aim High - Create a vision for your best future and COMMIT to it. 2 - Make a Plan - Explore your options and make an ACTION PLAN to get there. 3 - Get Ready - PUSH YOURSELF - start narrowing choices and find the money to Go On.