‘Go On’ Schools


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When it comes to going on to education or training after high school, the barriers that face Idaho teens and their families can seem insurmountable. Find out how educators at several Go On middle and high schools across Idaho break down the barriers with innovation, hard work and plenty of heart in these four Go On films. Learn more about Go On Schools in action 2014.


The Culture to Go On [4.57]

"'Go On' is not one more thing on our plate.
This IS our plate."
Mike Williams
Principal – Middleton High
Find out how to create a ‘Go On’ Culture in your school [Download PDF]

Credit Times Two [4:45]

"These kids are motivated—they see the
financial and educational gain of Dual Credit."
Karen Ashenbrenner
Community Coordinator – I-DEA
Find out how to start a Dual Credit program in your school [Download PDF]

Changing the Family Tree [5:05]

"Jordan will be the first in our family
to get a degree. That will be huge."
Melvin Speelmon
Parent – Sandpoint High
Find out how to start a First Generation program in your school [Download PDF]

Engage the Future [5:00]

"We knew we needed some kids to drive the message.
We picked a few who were asking to be Go On Ambassadors."
Luci Asumendi
Principal – Homedale High
See how to engage students in the movement for training and education after high school [Download PDF]
1 - Aim High - Create a vision for your best future and COMMIT to it. 2 - Make a Plan - Explore your options and make an ACTION PLAN to get there. 3 - Get Ready - PUSH YOURSELF - start narrowing choices and find the money to Go On.